In-app Analytics

Reading native AppStore reports might be tricky. Without the proper experience you might be getting your KPIs wrong. Book a brief session to understand the essentinals or outsource the reporting task to us to build a better understanding of your business' dynamics.

Understand users

Which users are interacting with your app? What are the correlations between marketing campaigns and app behavior? When and why are apps uninstalled? These and other questions can be answered by cleanly integrated analytics systems. We design app tracking that exactly fits your individual business requirements.

Evaluate in-app behavior

Which app screens are accessed frequently? What places cause the app to crash or close? Where do users need more support? Such questions can be answered after installing an app analytics solution. This gives you insights into what users really want.

Gain insights with reporting

Visualizations for the next meeting. Report KPIs to supervisor. Showing successes over time. We support you in visually preparing data and drawing the right conclusions from it.

Optimize marketing

Which campaign resulted in more closings? Which channel has the best CPA? What attribution optimizes my spend? Better marketing through valid data. By merging multiple data streams and marketing tools, you gain deeper knowledge about the customer journey. We support you strategically and operationally with our technical and analytical know-how.